Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catching Up on Days Missed Part 1.

Okay.  So I'm going to try and do a catch up on the missing days here.  I'll try and be concise since a week passed with no posting.

On Day 10  (I guess you've figured out by now that Jan. 10 = Day10)  I left for Atlanta to go take a Level 1 CrossFit Trainers course.  I prepared a bunch of food to take on the road with me and to have for meals.  I would be staying with a friend but I didn't want him to have to go to much trouble to accommodate me so I planned ahead.   I cooked chicken breasts, salmon cakes, some breakfast sausage, and made a big salad and also took some leftover soup.  Almonds, Rx Bars, and some fruit also came along with me.  What a pain to have to get all that together just to go out of town for  3 days!

On my way to Atlanta I wanted to hit a Chipotle and have a meal there.  I had read on Nom Nom Paleo that I could eat a Whole 30 compliant meal there.

It was delicious and I was happy I could find food on the road if I needed to.

My weekend at CrossFit Atlanta taking the Trainers Course was great.  I learned a lot and got refreshed on many things I've learned at CrossFit Shelby over the past year.  It was 2 days full of learning.  At the end of the day on Sunday we took a written test to decide if we would become Level 1 CrossFit Trainers.

As far as food goes.  Over the weekend I ate my salad and soup and snacked on nuts and Rx Bars.  I try to only eat 1 Rx Bar a day and usually eat 1/2 of a bar at a time.  I did fine while away from home.

On Saturday night I went out with my host and some of his friends for dinner.  I was confident that I could find something on the menu to eat.  Of course they drank beer and ate this:

I exercised self control!  I had a salad with oil and vinegar dressing and an order of oven roasted wings with no sauce (and celery).  That was fine.  Really, it was.  Really.

I had the Chipotle meal 2 more times over the course of the weekend and on the drive home I stopped at Applebee's where I had a steak and a double order of steamed veggies.  It was ok and I made it home.

Monday - Friday of the week was pretty normal.  We ate most of our standbys.  I did make Asian Meatballs one night with Zoodles.  Very yummy.  Actually that was on the 14th when Sarah and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary by going to CrossFit and working out together and then coming home for dinner.  Hopefully we'll have a full on celebration with champagne and fancy meal sometime in February.  

Here are some random meals from the week.  I didn't photograph everything.  So that's a good stopping place for now.   I'll post Part 2 later and talk about a wasted $16 organic chicken.

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