Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7

Today felt like a normal day. Finally! We got up early had our usual breakfast of eggs and sausage, guacamole, and whatever.  Coffee.  I'm cool with eating mostly the same thing everyday for breakfast.  I do miss some cereal and milk though.  Oh well.  Eggs are good.  Tomorrow I may get crazy and fry them instead.

After breakfast I had to take a heater back to Tractor Supply.  We had gotten it to heat our spare room. (Also, known as Ron's room for when he snores at night).  The girl at the counter tried to make me feel guilty for returning it.  Really, I think it was a dud.  It didn't heat very well and the fan on it was loud. (Keeping me awake and from getting into my good snoring sleep).  Anyway, I didn't let her get to me.  I just told her to refund my credit card.  I hate it that she tried to make me feel bad.  I mean, she looked like hadn't washed her hair in two days and I didn't say a word to her about THAT.

I went back home and ordered a new heater off Amazon.  (I've got two more days on my free trail membership for Amazon Prime which entitles me to 2nd day Free Shipping.  I gotta remember to cancel that before Friday)

I mixed up test glazes in the studio today.  I lost of bunch of pots due a miscalculation in my amber glaze back before Christmas.  It's got me on edge so I'm covering my bases by testing some variations on that glaze.  I always feel like a cool drug dealer when I get my triple beam scale out and weigh some white fluffy power.
Yo, that's 100 grams of strontium carbonate G.
Street value....$0

Lunch:  For lunch I had a Man Salad.  That's just a big ass salad with a hamburger patty.  Yum.  No dressing, just some olive oil and vinegar drizzled on top.  I did add a dollop of my Ron-mayo on the burger though.

I cant' tell you how good it felt to be having a normal day.  Getting back in the studio was helpful.  I was thinking about pots and my next firing, my glazes, and all that stuff.  NOT food.

I helped coach the 4:30 pm class at CrossFit and then worked out at 5:30.  The 4:30 class was huge.  They were all supportive when the coach Traci told them I was going to Atlanta to try to get my Level 1 Certification this weekend.  We have a fun group at CFS and it's cool that we are doing this Whole 30 thing together.

Dinner:  I cooked chicken nuggets in some coconut oil.  They were spiced up and really good.  We also had roasted okra (from Honduras I think.  Again too bad I'm not doing this in summer) and steamed green beans with some ghee on top.  It was yummy and pretty much something we would have had on a week night anyway.

That's a wrap.  Looking forward to Day 8.

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  1. We have REALLY used our Amazon Prime. It's worth it to us. Sorry bout the heater. Its hard to spend that money, buy local, and get hassled. Bad move for them.