Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20. Whoop Whoop

Ten more days to go!  I'm hoping it's downhill from here.  I'm feeling pretty good that we've made it this far and that I haven't given in to my pizza cravings or tackled a cow to get some milk.  I've not had any headaches the past few days.  I think my energy level is pretty much normal.  I've not felt like super man or anything.  I talked to a couple people at CrossFit tonight and they said that they felt really amazing.  Good for them. Ha.

Honestly I don't know what I expect to feel from this thing.  Other than the insane feelings I've felt around my desire for food and my psychological dependance on it.  I guess if I think about it then I have to be pretty proud for not giving in to sugar or dairy.  That's a big deal to do without those things for 20 days.  I think I've lost about 5 lbs.  Losing weight is not the goal for me.  I would like to get rid of my fat neck and belly.  I do like that my pants fit better.

At this point I'm thinking about how I want to carry on after Day 30.  I have not missed beer at all.  I have not really missed bread (other than pizza crust).  And I've found that I can get through the evening without a cup of milk and a cookie.  So I think I may stay off the beer for a few months and stay off the bread as well as really watching my sugar intake.

For Breakfast today we had our usual eggs, sausage, guacamole, and sweet potato.

For Lunch I had chicken, salad with tahini dressing, and leftover butternut squash, and guacamole. Man, thank god for guacamole!  It's getting me through this thing.
Here's the chicken after it came out of the oven last night.  Sooooo good.

Dinner was pretty simple and mostly flavorless.  I cooked some cod (Sarah is tired of beef, pork, and chicken), steamed some green beans, and heated up a sweet potato.  Easy and done.  The fish could have been done a number of ways but I didn't get home from CF till 7 and didn't want to get all fancy with anything.

I coached my first official class at CrossFit tonight.  I had 12 athletes in the gym.  Most all of them were experienced and didn't need much cueing throughout the WOD.  It's going to be a challenge for me to learn to watch for things to help folks with as well as managing the time and just doing it all.  I felt really good and got some positive feedback from some other coaches and athletes.  I'd have never thought that I'd be doing any of this but it's really great.

Okay that it's for now.  So glad to only have 10 more days to go.  Weeeeeeee

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