Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5

It's 7:30 pm on Sunday.  This weekend was extremely dull.  I'm saying that in the nicest possible way.  I'm thinking about this food thing waaaay too much and it's pretty much taken over my brain.

I wish I could look forward to a normal work day tomorrow.  It would probably take my mind off this.  As it stands I'll probably have an early workout and then a few hours in the studio before going to Charlotte.  I'm heading to the city with Sarah.  While she sees a few clients I'm going to go buy clay and then hit Trader Joe's for groceries.  Normally I'd look forward to a trip to TJ's but tomorrows trip just means thinking more about what food I can and cannot eat.

I'm grumpy.  And not satisfied.  And maybe bored.  Really this seems pretty pathetic to feel like this.  Am I that controlled by my food?  Do I need to get a life?  Ha!  Of course the cold and wetness of today has not made me feel like doing a whole lot.  Winter sucks for me anyway.  Maybe I should have taken this on in summer.  When there's tons of good, fresh food around and I am more active.

It's Day 5 and I'm tired of meat, eggs and coconut.  And I sure as hell don't want to see a sweet potato until at least Wednesday.  Maybe tomorrow I just need to focus on salad.

Breakfast:  Pretty much the same old thing except we had some brats from Poverty Creek Farm.

I was okay with that meal.  And we didn't eat till about 11:30 am so we didn't have a lunch.

I spent the afternoon on the computer doing some work and then got in the studio for a little while.  Sarah has been busy on the computer most of the day doing stuff for her work and paying bills and such.  I mentioned that we'd be eating leftover curry for dinner and I don't think either one of us thought much of that.

Sarah has been frustrated.  She never eats much meat to begin with and most of what I have been cooking or thinking about cooking has focused on meat.  I think we are both discouraged.  I joked about going out to get a burger and fries and we reveled in that moment.

Then we heated up the leftovers and had dinner. No pic necessary.

Tomorrow we'll try again.  Breakfast and lunch won't be a big deal.  We will probably be in Charlotte for dinner.  I'm thinking we'll be able to have a successful meal out somewhere that will be nice and satisfying.  I hope so anyway.  I need a boost.

Most of the CrossFit Shelby group are starting the Whole 30 tomorrow.  It will be good to see how they do.  Only a handful of us started on the 1st and we've been supportive on our FB page.  It's gonna blow up this week as more join in I think.  Should be interesting.

Time for a cup of herbal tea and some reading.  Then early to bed I think.


  1. I totally agree that whole 30 would be easier in the summer! Lots of fresh produce, whole 30 cookouts, and fun stuff to go outside to do. Let me know what you find in Charlotte for dinner. Adam and I will be there the next few weekends and would love to find a place for dinner.