Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18

I'm working on a post that covers the week that has passed.  But for now here is just a quick blurb about today.

At 4 o'clock pm I was ready to quit.  I had a plan for dinner and food in the refrigerator but no desire to cook.  Or really to eat what I had planned.  I am just bored with our food right now.  It seems like we are having the same things more or less, over and over.  I wanted pizza!  And I got grumpy and whiney and irritated.  I think I fell back to Kill All Things mode for a while there.

Anyhow, Sarah and I talked and just decided to go out to Smoke on the Square in town where we knew we could get a compliant meal.  We both had a burger, no bun, spring mix, tomato, asparagus, and I had a baked sweet potato (my 3rd of the day) and Sarah had mixed veggies.  That was fine.  It got me through the day and I'm done.  Mark Day 18 off.  I could have made that meal at home no problem, but I was thankful I didn't have to cook or do dishes.

Weekends are hard.  I want to go out, have some comfort food with my friends and be social.  We've got one more weekend to go.  Maybe I can plan ahead to make it through it a bit better.

We are missing food from Chen's, pizza, Sarah wants wine and I want milk.  I'd love to go to Lang Van in Charlotte and have a bowl of lemon grass tofu over fresh herbs and vermicelli noodles.  Ah, that day is coming.

I've been fighting a head cold for 3 days.  Tomorrow I want to just rest.  I think we have meals planned for Day 19 so hopefully I won't freak out again.

Sorry no photos.  I'll try and get that catch up post done tomorrow sometime.

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