Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 Whole 30 Challenge

We have made it through Day 6.  It's been pretty fun today with some laughs and sort of weird moments for both me and Sarah I think.  We are both a bit slap happy, grumpy, and slightly violent (me) all at the same time.

We both slept late.  Sarah didn't have to see clients till after lunch and I haven't gotten into full production in the studio just yet.  So we didn't have breakfast till around 11:30 and that counted as lunch too.  Sarah wanted a baked sweet potato w. breakfast so that set us back a little.  We had that with some scrambled eggs w. herbs, sausage, and guacamole.

I've gotten a nice group of mugs and yunomi ready for the bisque kiln.  I'll get them all loaded tomorrow.  I have cups going to a show in Philly and the yumomi are going to Akar in Iowa City.  It's going to be nice to see some new pots come out of the kiln.

I knew we were going to Charlotte this afternoon and evening so I looked at the menu at one of our regular restaurants and figured out what I'd order.  That sort of put me at ease about going out and trying to eat.

We headed to the city around 2 and while Sarah went to work for a couple hours I knocked around a bit and also popped into Harris Teeter and picked up a few things.  I sure miss having Harris Teeter in Shelby.  I also sat in the car outside Sarah's office and studied for my CrossFit Level 1 coaches test which I have coming up this weekend.

While studying a car pulled up in front of me and 3 people got out.  The guy in the passenger seat had 2 big boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in his hands.  He turned and put them back in the car before walking with his friends into Starbucks.  I had a serious urge to get out of the car and get those doughnuts!  It would have been fun to eat like the whole box and just stand there laughing insanely when they came back out.  

After Sarah got off work, and I didn't steal the doughnuts, we drove over to the restaurant for dinner.  Surprise, they are closed on Mondays! Snap.  And I had it all worked out to order.

Okay, fine.  I need to change gears for a second and say this:  This Challenge is really stressing me mentally.  I needed to have something happen and while thinking about where we were going to eat I came to this conclusion.  I'm not going to be so damn strict and beat myself up if things don't go exactly as the food 'rules' state.  I have done really well for 5 days and when dining out I'm not going to be a nit picker or one of those people who ask what's in every damn thing on the menu.  It's annoying.  Now if you have Crohn's disease or some serious allergy then I'm cool with that.  But I don't want to do it and it was a big relief for me to say to Sarah, "Let's go find a restaurant and do the best we can."  She was cool with that and suggested a place we had just passed, 131 Main on East Blvd.

We checked out the menu and I decided on a steak and Sarah on the trout.  We ordered both of those things stating we didn't want any marinades, only salt and pepper.  We declined the potatoes and asked to substitute green beans.  No problem.  They also had kale salad on the menu so we ordered a side of that to split.  Cool.

When the food came I was so happy.  My steak looked delicious.  I rarely cook steak at home so it's a treat for me to go out and get a good one.  The green beans had a sauce on them.  It was a vinaigrette of some sort and more than likely had sugar in it.  The kale salad def. had some bread crumbs and parmesan cheese in it.  I felt like we had done the best we could ordering and I sure as hell wasn't going to send anything back.  I was hungry and that steak had my name on it.  

Man, it was good.  We ate slowly and enjoyed our food and the fact that we weren't being so uptight about this whole/Whole30 thing.  

 Sarah had dug into her trout before we got a picture.

We finished the meal and declined dessert (maybe in a few weeks dude).

So tomorrow is a new Day.  We hit Trader Joe's on the way out of town and picked up some organic chickens and other goodies that are compliant.  We have done really well about sticking to the rules when we cook at home and I'm not going to let tonight's dinner out (with minor violations) dissuade me from continuing on with the Whole 30.  That's a pretty big deal for me.  To give myself some slack and not to worry about any food nazis or nay sayers (real or imagined).

Over and out.

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